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Wordshark is a computer programme that accompanies learning with the fun and excitement of bright, multi-sensory games. It’s used widely in schools – mainly for children between ages five and fifteen – as well as in homes.

More than 60 colourful games have been designed by teachers to strengthen reading and spelling, using 9,000 pre-recorded words. You can also add your own word lists – which is particularly useful for practising homework. The variable combinations of games and word lists keep things fresh.

Much of Wordshark has also been carefully structured to suit dyslexic students.

Wordshark can be used to tie-in with school work, or in a way that suits the student's own needs.

It is recommended that the sessions are short, but frequent. This not only maintains the child's interest, but gives them the practice they need for success.

Wordshark 5 focusses on phonics, onset & rime, homophones, spelling rules, common letter patterns, visual & auditory patterns, prefixes, suffixes, roots, word-division, high frequency words, use of words-in-context, alphabet skills, and dictionary skills.

The Home version is intended for private use with one or two students, installed onto one computer.
The School version is intended for classroom use with any number of students, installed onto one computer.


System Requirements

Windows: 10  and 11.
Please note that the programs are not compatible with Windows in S mode.

Mac: OSX 10.9 to 10.15, and macOS 11.0 to 13.4
Please note that some issues have been reported.

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