Talk to an expert

If you’re concerned about your child or student, whether they are in primary or secondary, this is a great first step to help you find a road map and to introduce you to options. You will make a valuable connection with one of our educational specialists.

If your child is aged 13+ we encourage them to join the consultation too (we generally recommend that younger children do not participate).

What can I discuss?

A 30–40-minute discussion about your child or student and the concerns you have. We provide this service face-to-face or via phone or video call. Questions we can help with might include:

  • What can I do at home to support my child?
  • Is there anything else I could be doing in the classroom to support this student?
  • I’m considering this intervention program; is it a good fit?
  • Would a formal assessment be helpful for this child/student?
  • What questions should I ask when considering high school options?
  • My child is struggling with homework; what might be helpful?
  • Could you show me how text-to-speech software and other tech support works?
    Is my child eligible for supports and accommodations at school/university; how do we set this up?
  • My child’s specialist recommended this program/strategy, but I need some help getting started.

What type of information will I receive?

  • You’ll receive advice on what you can expect from school, general strategies on how to help your child at home and school and help to understand a child’s diagnosis, if they have one.
  • We can also show you recommended resources that are available.

Education Consultation Fee

$120 per appointment

5% discount for SPELD SA members

How can I make an appointment?

Contact us to register your interest and provide your contact details. We will then match you with the right specialist and call you to schedule an appointment.

Meet the team


DipT, Adv Dip (Sp Ed), B Ed (Sp Ed), M Ed St

Jill is an accomplished educator with over 40 years’ experience in schools both in South Australia and Victoria. She has a strong interest in children for whom academic learning is a struggle and enjoys the process of identifying their areas of strength and challenge. Jill’s knowledge and her supportive manner enable her to pinpoint specific areas of need and then to suggest evidence-based strategies to nurture future learning and wellbeing.
Jill believes strongly in a team approach, with the family and school and any other professionals involved (such as Speech Pathologists. OT’s, tutors) working together with the child to provide them with the very best opportunities to become their ‘best self’.


(M. Spec Ed)

Alice is a seasoned Special Education teacher with 15 years of experience, specialising in working with secondary students with Learning Disabilities and difficulties in mainstream schools. Her specific focus lies in the areas of mental health, resilience, and coping skills, as she is passionate about equipping her students for future success and planning for their post-school pathways. With a wealth of knowledge in SACE completion and VET in schools, Alice is also well-versed in supporting students during their transition to high school, guiding them through school supports, and assisting with subject selections. Furthermore, she is committed to providing family support to empower young people to achieve their best, and she takes a special interest in helping students understand their personal difficulties and diagnosis.


Jan is a highly proficient educator with over 30 years of teaching experience. For the majority of her teaching career, she has focused on supporting students with disabilities and Specific Learning Disorders (SLD) from the ages of 3 to 18. For the past 6 years, she has continued supporting young people and their families as a special educational consultant, tutor and presenter. Jan adopts a nurturing, engaging, inclusive and person-centred approach, supporting individuals to identify their own unique skills, interests and strategies, and to feel secure and confident. Jan is particularly passionate about working with people who have Autism and SLDs. She loves using her specialised knowledge and expertise to empower these young people to develop independence and discover their personal pathways, encouraging them to reach their potential.

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