What is UFLI Foundations?

UFLI Foundations is a comprehensive phonics program developed by the University of Florida Literacy Institute. It is based on decades of reading research and is designed to meet the everyday needs of teachers and students. The program includes explicit instructions for each step, making it easy for teachers to implement and for students to follow.

Developed for teachers, by teachers, with teachers

Developed with a carefully designed scope and sequence, UFLI ensures students systematically acquire each skill needed and learn to apply these skills with automaticity and confidence.
The program is suitable for core instruction in primary grades and for intervention with struggling students at any grade level.

Accredited Provider

We are proud to be the only accredited provider of UFLI Foundations training in South Australia.

This accreditation ensures that our training meets the high standards set by UFLI, providing educators with reliable, research-based methods to enhance their teaching practices.

“We are beyond impressed with the UFLI program and resource suite. It is a cost-effective, high-impact program that is yielding excellent results for our students. The program supports efficient planning for our teachers and intervention SSOs and our families love the home practise resources. I highly recommend the program to any school looking to up their literacy game.”

– Simone Percy, Deputy Principal, Edwardstown Primary School

Who is this program for?

UFLI Foundations is designed for educators who teach primary grade students or work with struggling readers at any grade level. It is ideal for teachers seeking to enhance their phonics instruction and improve their students' reading skills.

“UFLI Foundations is appealing because it is research-based and evidence-based. We know it aligns with decades of reading research with the everyday teacher and students’ needs in mind. Everything is clearly set out lesson by lesson with explicit instruction for each step."- Kylie, UFLI Trainer

This course provides educators with many benefits.

Educators who participate in UFLI Foundations training benefit in several ways:

• Research-Based Approach: Learn techniques grounded in decades of reading research.

• Structured Lessons: Receive a detailed, step-by-step guide for each lesson.

• Enhanced Teaching Skills: Gain practical strategies for progress monitoring and differentiation.

• Support and Mentorship: Benefit from the expertise of our skilled presenters, Emma Murphy and Kylie Hallion, who have trained directly with UFLI mentors and creators Dr. Holly Lane and Dr. Valentina Contesse.

All classroom resources are free to download from the UFLI Foundations Toolbox

The UFLI Foundations Manual is available for
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Accredited Trainers

Emma Murphy
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