Words at Work 1 - Basic

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Students ask to play Words at Work again and again! They enjoy learning to identify the parts of speech and developing and expanding their sentences through these innovative and cognitive games.

Each Words at Work version has two games:

  • Outthink your opponents by creating longer and better sentences in this exciting sentence building game. Learn how words function together to create a sentence. Several versions of play and endless sentences to build in this wildly engaging game.
  • In a game based on Crazy Eights, be the first to rid yourself of all the cards in your hand. Play words that match the colour or part of speech of the discard. Learn to recognise a word’s part of speech in this fast-paced game.

This pack includes:

  • 108 cards, including two instruction cards
  • rules for playing two entirely different games
  • concrete nouns, action verbs and the verb “to be,” –ly adverbs, co-ordinating conjunctions, and concrete prepositions.