Tim's Quiz

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A favourite at the Little Learners Love Literacy Hub – this reading game will generate lots of laughter in your classroom!

This unique and simple quiz derived from the Stage Plus 4 book 'The Big Wind Day!' gives children practice reading short questions with decodable words. The questions are fun and quirky and provide a springboard for interesting discussions which develop oral language and vocabulary.

Example questions include: 'Did Goldilocks run from three possums? Do all kids like froth? Can a rock think?' Children answer yes or no and have to justify their answer – no matter how silly the question is!
Contents include: 24 Stage Plus 4 question cards, 24 Stage 5 question cards and 120 Stage 6 question cards in five boxes focussing on the digraphs sh, ch, th and ng.

Find out how to play and read an independent review here.

Tim’s Quiz:

  • Will surprise and delight students with silly questions like 'Can you hug an ant?'
  • Provides lots of practice reading short decodable questions
  • Has plenty of variety with 168 fun questions linked specifically to Stages Plus 4, 5 and 6.