SPELD SA Phonic Books with Sounds-Write Initial Code Set 1 (Units 1-10)

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NEW Adapted SPELD SA Phonic Book Series

This new series of our SPELD SA Phonic Books has been written to reflect the scope and sequence of the Sounds-Write program.

The series features the same lovable characters and builds upon storylines from our original SPELD SA Phonic Book series. These engaging decodable readers include 10 titles that introduce the single letter sounds, ff, ll, ss, zz and words with adjacent consonants from Units 1 to 10 of the Sounds-Write program.

Book title and spellings

Unit 1     a i m s t                           Tim Sat

Unit 2     n o p                                Nan

Unit 3     b c g h                             Tan-Tan

Unit 4     d e f v                              Is it a...?

Unit 5     k l r u                                Kip has a nap

Unit 6     j w z                                  Zac the dog

Unit 7     x y ff ll ss zz                   The big box 

Unit 8     cvc   cvcc                           Red sand

Unit 9    ccvc                                      Sant the ant is ill

Unit 10   ccvcc   cvccc  cccvc           A bug in a mug