SPELD SA Phonic Books with Sounds-Write Extended Code (Set 2)

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NEW Adapted SPELD SA Phonic Book Series

Following the Sounds-Write Extended Code

This new series of our SPELD SA Phonic Books has been written to reflect the scope and sequence of the Sounds-Write program.

The series features the same lovable characters and builds upon storylines from our original SPELD SA Phonic Book series. The text in this set has been adapted to Sounds-Write Extended Code.

Book titles and spellings

Book 11 /s/ <s> <ss> <st> <c><ce> <se>           Spotty's birthday

Book 12 /l/ <l> <ll> <al> <el> <le>                      Little legs on the hill

Book 13 /or/ <or> <aw> <a> <ar> <au> <al>     A warm autumn day

Book 14 /air/ <air> <are> <ear> <ere>                Hands in the air

Book 15 /ue/ <ue> <ew><u> <u_e>                     Let's unite!

Book 16 /oy/ <oi> <oy>                                         Avoid sharp rocks

Book 17 /ar/ <ar> <a> <al> <au>                         Sant's blast off

Book 18 /o/ <o> <a>                                               A kite contest

Book 19 /d/ <d> <dd> <ed>                                  Riverside versus Dingoes

Book 20 /i/ <i> <ui> <y>                                        Missing biscuits