SPELD SA Phonic Books - Set 8

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Full colour A5 SPELD SA phonic books.

The books are grouped in a developmental order based on the order of sounds introduced in the Jolly Phonics early literacy program

Set 8 books introduce the sounds

y (sunny), a (apron), a-e (cake), e (female), e-e (eve), i (silent), i-e (kite), o (open), o-e (home), u (student), u-e (tune) plus revisited sounds from Sets 1-7

The following 10 titles are in set 8

Things I like to do

The old blue bike

Wanampi – a fun snake game

Sant and Spotty at the creek

The lazy lizard

Tara makes us smile

Disco in the shed

The missing remote

The footy game

A trip to the Top End