Readable - A Comprehensive Guide to Teaching Your Child to Read

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Readable – A comprehensive guide to teaching your child to read.

Janelle Curry

Certified Practising Speech Pathologist


Readable will be invaluable to you to help your child be a successful and lifelong reader. You will learn about all of the components needed to become a great reader and speller, why they are necessary, as well as activities and step by step scripts to teach your child these skills.

Readable shows you how to give your child a solid foundation in oral language, vocabulary, phonological awareness as well as fine and gross motor skills prior to them starting to learn to read and write.
Once your child is ready to learn to read, Readable gives you a simple step-by-step approach with activities, scripts to follow and suggestions and will help you feel confident to teach your child – whether they are struggling or just beginning their reading journey. Included is access to videos demonstrating the activities, printable games and printable activities from the book so you can do them over again.  



Foundational Skills

Oral Language

Phonemic Awareness

Structured Phonics


Reading Fluency


Reading Comprehension

Parent Support