My Word Detective Book

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A personal spelling dictionary organised by phoneme–grapheme relationships matching the Little Learners Love Literacy® Stages.

My Word Detective Book is a personal spelling dictionary designed to support children’s phoneme–grapheme correspondence recognition, spelling and writing.

After reading the Little Learners decodable books, children can find and re-read words that use the focus phoneme and grapheme/s before writing them in lists and highlighting or circling the target grapheme in the word.

Once lists in their book become populated children can use their My Word Detective Book as a personal dictionary to support independent writing. Children write their words in sentences and illustrate them to develop their vocabulary syntax and comprehension skills.

My Word Detective Book:

  • Supports students’ memory using the Little Leaners Love Literacy® Speed Sounds and Chants mnemonics
  • A flexible tool that can be used to extend children who are ready to learn more alternative spellings
  • Supports children working at Little Learners Love Literacy Stages 5–7.