How to Teach Poetry Writing at Key Stage 3

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By Pie Corbett. This is a practical manual for teachers, to be used directly in the classroom.

The book begins with a series of poetry games, designed to warm up creativity and strengthen the imagination. These are followed by a series of creative poetry workshops, based on the writer's own experience both as a teacher and poet running workshops in schools, which focus on developing a "poetry base" for young writers.

This imaginative base provides a range of poetic techniques and gives pupils experience in developing a repertoire of different forms. The book also offers advice on how to organise an effective workshop, and demonstrates how to teach poetry writing in a dynamic, creative, and imaginative way.

Workshops include:

  • writing from first hand observation
  • autobiography
  • writing about paintings, sculpture, and music
  • surreal boxes and the bag of words
  • secrets, lies, wishes, and dreams
  • creating images, taking word image snapshots
  • riddles - hiding the truth
  • red wheelbarrows and messages for mice