Drop-In series Selection pack (18 books)

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The Drop-In series is a collection of phonic readers intended for Adult learners, with stories based around a community drop-in centre.

Forward with Phonics follows a sequence from 3 sound words to words of a more complex structure.

This series has a selection of 18 books over four series.


The Drop-In Series – Level 1

Ken and Dan (cvc)

Sam and Liz (cvc)


The Drop-In Series – Level 2

Rex (cvc, cvcc, ccvcc, <o> as an /u/ in the word come, silent ‘e’ in have)

Fran and Gwen (cvc, cvcc, ccvcc, tch, /a/ as /ae/ in apron, -s)


The Drop-In Series – Level 3

The Trip (cvc, ccvc, ccvc, ccvcc, ck, ch, sh, tch, ng, le, contractions e.g. let’s)

Lunch (cvc, ccvc, ccvc, ccvcc, ch, th, ck, tch, ng)


The Drop-In Series – Level 4

1. A Day at the Shops (ae, ay, a-e, ai, ey, eigh, -tion, <a> as /o/ in watch, <ch> as /k/ in school, contractions e.g. it’s)

2. The Spring Clean (ee, e, ea, y, ei, e-e, <a> as /o/, <a> as /e/, ve, soft ‘c’, le, kn)

3. A Snowy Day (oe, o, o-e, ow, oa, <a> as /e/, <ch> as /k/, tch, ph, contractions)

4. The Circus (er, ur, ir, ar, ear, soft ‘c’, soft ‘g’, <o> as /u/, contractions)

5. The Picnic (ea, e, a, ai, soft ‘g’ . soft ‘c’, <o> as /u/, contractions)

6. The Swim (ow, ou, ng, <a> as /e/, contractions)

7. The Robin (oo, ew, ue, o, ou, u-e, ough, <a> as /o/, wr, <a> as /ar/, contractions)

8. Lite Bites (i-e, I, igh, y, ie, soft ‘c’, soft ‘g’, <s> as /sh/ as in sugar, contractions)

9. The Football Match (oo, u, oul, silent ‘b’, contractions)

10. Race Night (or, our, aw, au, ar, a, oor, tch, dje, <a> as /o/, <o> as /u/, contractions)

11. The Fair (are, air, ere, eir, ear, <a> as /o/, <o> as /u/, soft ‘s’, se, gh, tch, contractions)

12. The Farm (ar, a, al, au, soft ‘s’, <o> as /u/, <a> as /o/, le, dge, contractions)