Bingo Games Stages 3-4

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Build reading confidence with an enjoyable game of bingo!

Bingo Games Stages 3–4 give children lots of practise reading consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) words using the phonemes and graphemes they have learnt in Stages 3 and 4 of the Little Learners Love Literacy® sequence – y r e qu z j u k x w.

The game also practises the Stages 3–4 Heart words: he she we to do was her of are too for see. Many of these Heart words will become decodable later, when children have learnt more of the alphabetic code.

Inside the box are 12 bingo boards and 72 word cards. Heart words are indicated with a heart symbol.

Bingo Games Stages 3–4:

  • Encourages children to increase their automatic recognition of words
  • All Bingo words are linked to the Pip and Tim decodable books (Stages 3–4)
  • Can be played by up to 6 players – perfect for small group work at school, or a family game at home.