Skye is a Clinical psychologist with 15+ years focusing on children, specialising in learning and developmental differences. Devoted to client-centred assessments, she tailors services to the child and family's needs, ensuring an inclusive and enjoyable approach.She works hard to empower children by including them in decision making throughout their assessment, and including them in age-appropriate feedback and planning meetings. Most of all, Skye aims to make sure that assessments are fun for children!


Mike, an experienced Educator and Psychologist, is dedicated to supporting students in reaching their full potential, focusing on assessing and managing specific learning difficulties. For more than a decade, he has worked as a Psychologist, emphasizing educational development in children. A former SPELD SA Specialist Tutor, Mike has a strong, enduring connection with the SPELD SA community


Ecaterina is a Provisional Psychologist currently in herfinal year of Master of Clinical Psychology training at Flinders University.Before coming to SPELD SA, Ecaterina worked as a Mental Health Social Worker across government, NGO, education, and private practice in the roles of Family Counsellor, Student Counsellor, and Youth Clinician. Ecaterina brings afriendly and curious approach to her work with children and families, and she can offer some of the services in Russian language. When she is not working or studying, she enjoys spending time with her family and values good food and coffee.


Stephanie is a registered psychologist from Flinders University. Before joining SPELD in February 2023, she conducted psycho-educational assessments at the Flinders University Psychology Clinic. Outside SPELD, Stephanie provides mental health support to children and families in a therapeutic setting. Fluent in English and Greek, she offers Greek-speaking families the option of conducting the initial interview and feedback session in Greek, while the testing session with the child remains in English. Clients appreciate Stephanie for her gentle, compassionate, and calm approach. In her free time, she enjoys family and friends, dancing, and beach outings.


Katherine, a Provisional Psychologist, is in the final year of her Master's in Clinical Psychology at the University of Adelaide. Before joining SPELD SA, she conducted research at Orygen, focusing on Youth Mental Health. Katherine adopts a holistic assessment approach, considering the academic, social, and wellbeing impacts of learning difficulties. Known for her warm and playful approach, she collaborates closely with children and families. Outside work, she indulges in her interests of live music, spending time in nature, and knitting.


Samantha, a Provisional Psychologist, is in the final stages of her PhD in Clinical Psychology at Flinders University. Before joining SPELD SA, she served as a wellbeing SSO for the Department for Education and conducted psychological therapy and psychoeducational assessments at the Flinders University Psychology Clinic. Samantha is known for her fun and empathetic approach to assessments, emphasizing collaboration with children and their families. Outside of work and studies, Samantha finds joy in playing video games and collecting antique/vintage items.


Penny, a Provisional Psychologist, is pursuing her Master's in Clinical Psychology at the University of Adelaide. With a background in research focusing on cognitive development in toddlers and preschoolers, Penny brings a warm and patient style to working with children, ensuring a positive assessment experience. Outside of work, she indulges in her interests of sewing, watching cricket, and spending time in the garden.

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