Shining a light on Dyslexia

October 4, 2023
Shining a light on Dyslexia

Dyslexia Awareness Month

We have set the stage at SPELD SA to encourage those who struggle with reading to keep shining bright. Practitioners in our Literacy Clinic report that many of our students attending sessions are great conversationalists, intellectual, creative and have funny and interesting stories to share. We would like to celebrate everyone’s strengths during Dyslexia Awareness Month, especially those who live with specific learning disorders, such as Dyslexia.  

Our students shine bright in the Literacy Clinic

The Literacy Clinic practitioners are in awe at the determination and persistence of students we have who find reading difficult. Families support their children every step of the way with so much patience and equal determination to make progress in reading and spelling. Consistency and repeated exposure to spellings, using a structured, systematic synthetic based phonics program is integral to student success. Explicit teaching and fidelity to the chosen program will deliver the results for these absolute reading champions.  

Resources to Support Teaching Reading and Spelling

SPELD SA’s latest project is to release decodable books aligned to the Sounds-Write Scope and Sequence. We are so pleased to provide a free resource that supports those using the Sounds-Write Linguistics program in schools and for tutors. These can also be used at home, and we recommend choosing a book with spellings already learned, used as repeated exposure and practice of those spellings. To gain the most success using decodable books, they are best used alongside their intended synthetic based phonics programs.

SPELD SA runs Sounds-Write workshops and UFLI Foundations workshops for teachers seeking further professional learning.  

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