Seven Factors for Success for Adults with Dyslexia

October 4, 2023
Seven Factors for Success for Adults with Dyslexia

For many people living with dyslexia their learning disability goes hand in hand with low confidence, poor self-esteem and academic difficulties. For young adults living with dyslexia, a university degree or successful career may seem out of reach.

So, how can young adults, and adults generally, set themselves up for success? 

  1. BUILD SELF-AWARENESS! Self-Awareness and understanding of their learning disability is crucial in building a foundation for success. Understanding dyslexia, what it is and how it personally effects their life and learning helps adults to take ownership of their learning, and to identify their strengths and weaknesses, both in academic and non-academic areas. It is helpful to identify dyslexia as only one aspect of their character, and that although they may face challenges in some areas such as reading and writing, there are many other things they are good at. 
  1. BE PROACTIVE! Proactivity is a key marker of success for adults with Dyslexia. Universities, training providers and workplaces have a legal responsibility to allow reasonable adjustments if a person with a diagnosed disability needs them to perform essential course work or employment tasks. Advocate for yourself, identify what you need to succeed and develop the confidence to ask for those tools. 
  1. PERSEVERE! Determination in the face of adversity is a fantastic asset for any adult with dyslexia. Flexibility, the ability to bounce back from challenges, and knowing when it is time not to give up, but to find another way forward, improve the probability for success. Learn from your challenges, what works for you and what doesn’t, and let those things help push you forward towards success!  
  1. SET REALISITIC GOALS! Setting realistic goals with specific and flexible objectives paired with strategies for accomplishing your goals is a strong pathway to success. Be realistic in terms of what you know you can do, what may be possible and what is not.   
  1. FIND YOUR ALLIES! Find the champions in your life, friends, teachers, family members, therapists, anyone who can serve as a mentor and ally in your life. These core support figures can help you overcome challenges in all aspects of life. Someone who you trust to read your written work, or run your ideas past, or ask to read through an email when you need that support. These people are hugely beneficial to your success! 
  1. IDENTIFY WHAT CAUSES YOU STRESS! Dealing with a learning disability in daily life creates significant stress for many people. Recognising events or situations that trigger stress, and identifying strategies to cope with those situations helps to build a foundation for success. 
  1. TAP IN TO TECH! The opportunities for technology to support people with Dyslexia are huge. There is an ever-growing array of programs, apps, and built in functions on phones, tablets and computers that support adults with dyslexia in study or the workplace. These technologies provide flexibility for individuals to choose how they engage with content, complete tasks, and communicate with their peers and colleagues. Take time to investigate how your devices can make study, work and life easier! 

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