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July 9, 2024
Mastering Maths Blog
Whether you’re already implementing some of these best practices or looking for new methods to enrich your classroom, this blog is an invaluable resource.


High-Quality Maths Instruction

Wanting to provide the high-quality Tier 1 math teaching that your students deserve but need some guidance?

Tired of sifting through research for the “best” approach when it comes to teaching?

In the paper below, five research-validated practices are reviewed and deemed the most important for mathematics instruction, particularly for students who may experience difficulty.

You may be already incorporating some of the suggested instructions into your own teaching but there might be some ideas you’d like to include to ensure your teaching is the best it can be!

Maths Practices You Can Count On - (

Neuromyths in Maths

When teaching maths, we sometimes feel as educators that we are asked to implement every bit of research ever conducted. However, we must sift the fact from the fiction (and look at the outcomes of the research) to ensure we are providing high-quality Tier 1 teaching of maths to our students.

The article below addresses some common maths teaching myths that continue to plague the classroom despite consistent lack of evidence demonstrating positive outcomes for students.

Have a read of the article below as some of the myths may surprise you!

Maths teaching myths that undermine results (


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