What to Do When You Can't Learn the Times Table

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Strategies for What to Do When You Can't Learn the Times Tables by Dr Steve Chinn (1996)

Some Children (and adults) find that learning their times tables is virtually impossible. For many people the collection of maths facts that make up the times tables seems to have no sense or reason.

The times tables work in this book is based on knowing a few easier facts and using understandable strategies to work out the other facts. These strategies will help other areas of number work as well.

The strategies are explained clearly and in detail so that as you progress you can shorten each method down until times tables can be produced quickly, accurately, and with understanding.

With a little time working with these methods you will start to develop new skills, new knowledge and a new confidence with numbers.

"A very practical book which provides strategies to help dyscalculic pupils learn tables. It is not intended to be a quick-fix book, and each of the methods suggested require practice and perseverance. The book is full of ideas to minimise the memory load on the dyscalculic pupil and to provide strategies which, with practice, can help the child become a more efficient and successful learner in mathematics" http://www.snapassessment.com/INFdyscal.htm

The what to do when you cant... series of books build on what you do know, to teach you what you do not know, and you will always know more than you think. They are are written for parents, teachers or students to use and containg clear explanations of how to build key skills. With this knowledge and lots of repetition students with learning difficulties can work towards overcoming some of their difficulties with mathematics.