Pocket Rocket Readers Phase 4 (Book size)

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Enjoy even more adventures with Bad Bot, Sad Dad and Miss Fusspot in the green edition of Pocket Rockets, the daily reading booklets for school, home or just about anywhere! There are lots more fun characters for children to meet as they apply their previous letter/sound knowledge to start decoding and reading words with adjacent consonants.

Children will get lots of reading practice with words such as gift, best, toast, frog, fright, smart, prank, stretch and sprint.

“g-i-f-t... gift!” 

They’ll also learn some useful, new ‘tricky’ words: so said have like come some there one little there were out when do what

The green Pocket Rockets Book Pack contains 18 titles (one copy of each title). 

Suitable for parents to use with their children at home or for guided reading in the classroom. 

Book size 15cm x 20cm