Numbershark 5 (Download) School

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Numbershark is a computer programme that can help just about anyone improve their numeracy skills and understanding combining motivation and enjoyment with a structured learning process.

It addresses many of the difficulties which lead students to dislike maths, including poor short term memory, attention span, or sequencing skills.

The programme features 45 different games covering addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, in ways that add meaning and understanding to these operations.

Numbershark allows you to specify and record games and topics for each student. You can also change individual access options such as speed. Help screens can be shown alongside any games as you play them and students’ scores can be recorded, so as to see their progression.

The Home version is intended for private use with one or two students, installed onto one computer.
The School version is intended for classroom use with any number of students, installed onto one computer.

System Requirements

Windows: 10  and 11.
Please note that the programs are not compatible with Windows in S mode.

Mac: OSX 10.9 to 10.15, and macOS 11.0 to 13.4
Please note that some issues have been reported.

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