Little Learners Big World Nonfiction Stage 5

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These engaging nonfiction books are decodable meaning children use their  knowledge of letters and sounds to decode (sound-out) the text. Little Learners BIG WORLD nonfiction follow the same phonics sequence as the Little Learners decodable fiction (Pip and Tim), providing extra reading practice ... and so much more!

This series covers a range of relevant topics and text types – packing in as many facts as possible. Children will build content knowledge and vocabulary – vital for the development of comprehension. Every book includes a Talk About It section designed to spark discussion and develop oral language skills.

Beautifully designed with a hybrid photographic and illustrative visual approach – these books will engage children and enable them to experience success. 

Stage 5
Phonemes and graphemes: ck (and blending adjacent consonants)
Book 1 – Fun at Camp
Book 2 – Inspect an Insect
Book 3 – Quack! Cluck!
Book 4 – At Dusk
Book 5 – Golf for Kids
In Stage 5 children practice the skills of blending adjacent consonants at the start and the end of words, as well as applying new knowledge ‘ck’ (two letters making one sound).

Packed with facts (and plenty of humour) on a range of local and global topics
Follows the tried and tested LLLL sequence to ensure children achieve success 
Every book includes ‘How to enjoy this book’ notes, ‘Speed Words’ for additional reading practice and a ‘Talk About It’ page with extra facts to discuss and explore together
More content is available through a QR code in the back of the book to inspire children to go further in their learning after reading the book. 
These are nonfiction books children will LOVE to read with words they CAN read.