Fracto, Decimo, Percento! game (set of three)

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Set of 3 Board Games designed by Dr Paul Swan:

  • 1 x Fracto Game
  • 1 x Decimo Game
  • 1 x Percento Game

As the name suggests, these games focus on Fraction, Decimal and Percentage concepts.

Perfect for Students in Year 6 and 7 these three games link the idea of finding a ‘fraction of’ a number, ‘percentage of a number’ and multiplying by a whole number by a decimal. Initially students use an MAB flat of grid paper to support them calculating with fractions decimal and percentages. After plying each game the links between fractions decimal and percentages can be highlighted.

All games come packed in a handy wallet making them simple to store.

Suitable for Year 4+

ACMNA131: Apply the associative, commutative and distributive laws to aid mental and written computation