Fitzroy Word Skills 6b (56-60)

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The Fitzroy Word Skills work hand in hand with the Readers. Using the same systematic, step-by-step design, they are the ideal way to ensure retention and understanding of all key concepts covered in the Readers. They are also a complete grammar course.

Word Skills Include:

  • Punctuation
  • Expanded vocabulary
  • Comprehension
  • Parts of speech
  • English usage
  • Written expression
  • Tenses
  • Educational games & activities

Word Skills sheets A and B help revise new sounds and special words.

The C and D sheets develop a range of grammar skills. Word Skills Books 1-5 all have 7 pages devoted to each Reader.

The latter Word Skill Books are filled with important grammar, like using apostrophes and dealing with gender.

The final two Word Skills Books, 6a and 6b have 14 pages each per Reader, ensuring that your child will know all essential grammar